About Us

Education, Health, and More
The Joe Baca Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life and servicing the community by supporting and promoting community-based activities that enhance the development of education, health, and community services for youth and families.

We achieve our mission through direct participation and sponsorship of community programs, including the Joe Baca Foundation Youth Baseball and Fitness Clinic, the Joe Baca Foundation Scholarship Program, Toy Drives, Turkey Days and other programs.

The Joe Baca Foundation benefits under-served communities through its many programs, including the Joe Baca Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to ambitious, goal-directed students seeking higher education to better their future and communities.

The Joe Baca Foundation Youth Baseball and Fitness Clinic emphasizes physical health and teaches the basic fundamentals of baseball to under-served youth in our communities.

The Joe Baca Foundation emphasizes the value and necessity of community service. All of our programs and services are designed to improve the health and well-being of our communities.

All of our staff are dedicated to improving the lives of those most often neglected in our society, providing them with the tools they will need to build prosperity and happiness for themselves and their families.