Scholarship Recipient - Deanna Carter

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Deanna CarterSeptember 21, 2008

Dear Joe Baca Foundation,

As I sit here on my first night of living in the dorm rooms, I cannot really express how excited I am. I can only tell you that I am grateful; grateful that I received support from my family, friends, and community. I would just like to say. “thank you” to everyone who has pushed me forward into higher education. I would not he here without you. I would like to give special thanks to Joe Baca Foundation for their generous contribution to my education. I will make you proud. When I start my first class at Cal Poly Pomona, I know I will be thinking of how none of this could he possible without you. Once again thanks for all your help.

Sincerely Yours,
Deanna Carter

Scholarship Recipient - Tami Bi

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Tami BiTo the Joe Baca Foundation:

My name is Tami Bi and I want to thank you for choosing me as one of the Joe Baca Scholarship recipients for the 2008 year. I am currently attending UCLA and though the transition from high school to college has been a bit difficult, I have remained strong and have tried my best to keep up with everything. I feel that the scholarship has given a bit of relief financially and I am grateful for it. When I return to San Bernardino, I hope to make a difference in another person’s life just like what you’ve done for me.

On the side note, I did make the UCLA Marching Band as one of the Colorgurad (tall flags) member. May be some of you have seen me on television during the football games but did not realize it; if not, try to catch me at the UCLA v. USC game. Go Bruins!

Thanks again,
Tami Bi